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  • Listening to: My mom bitch about life
  • Reading:
  • Watching: Cartoons
  • Playing: With my hair
  • Eating: Chinese Take-out
  • Drinking: Water
[ ] Your fave TDI couple is DxC
[ ] You are infatuated with Death Note
[x] TDI is one of your obsessions
[ ] You are so for Team L
[x] You're into hard core metal music
[ ] You listen to classical music
[ ] You hate/can't do math
[ ] You enjoy ballet
[x] You HATE Twilight
[x] You like to randomly draw/sketch
[ ] Your least fave TDI characters are either Gwen and/or LeShawna
[ ] You think stereotypes are rather cliché
[x] Immature people bug you (unless im being immature too)
[x] You're an animal lover
[x] You can't stand Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers/any of that Disney crap
So Far: 7

Social Life:
[x] You pretty much have no friends
[x] You love your online friends
[x] People could consider you shy or anti-social
[x] You don't go to many parties
[ ] You hate talking on the phone
[ ] Your best friends with your sibling[s]
[x] People usually don't understand you
[x] You were never the popular kid
[ ] You're homeschooled or have been [or want to be]
[ ] You've never been asked out before/on a date
So Far: 13

Physical Traits:
[x] You have brown hair
[x] You are very pale
[ ] You're rather skinny
[ ] You're small for your age
[ ] You wear lots of makeup
[x] You're very flexible
[ ] You get very good grades in school
[ ] You have anxiety issues
[x] You've been depressed
So Far: 17

Daily Life
[x] You spend as much time as possible on the computer
[x] You are constantly roleplaying
[x] You over-dramatize a lot
[x] You couldn't live without your ipod
[ ] You dress very over-the-top
[x] You're not afraid to stand out
[x] You get sushed in places like move theatres
[x] You eat way too much candy/chocolate
[x] You are constantly quoting shows
[ ] You like to use big words
[x] You have tried dieting but have failed
[x] You constantly feel like your parents pick on you
[x] You want to become a cartoon character
So Far: 28

[x] You can have very random mood swings
[x] You tend to be rather lazy
[ ] You can type at the speed of light
[ ] You're vegetarian
[ ] You travel a lot
[x] You feel like school is a serious waste of time
[x] You have taken dance class before (i got kicked out on the first day xD)
[x] You like to ponder difficult/pointless thoughts
[x] You can be very random
[x] You have made a complete fool of yourself in pubic on more than one occasion...
[x] You laugh at things when it's very innappropriate
So Far: 36

Total: 36
Mulitply by two
I'm 72% like tdi4eva!!
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May 8, 2009